Saturday, September 12, 2009

Giant Robo TDtEB Chapter 5

Here we are with the final chapter of Volume 1! It's been a fun ride and we hope to continue scanlating this awesome manga. Oh, also, this does include the prologue at the end.

Also, I'd like to take this time to welcome the newest addition to our team--Sentenal, who's going to be helping out with cleaning starting next release.

Chapter 5:



  1. So Cervantes is able to make copies of anyone he wants, seemingly without ever needing to come into contact with them, implant them with an objective which they will carry out with all the powers of the original, and when they perish the original is wounded as well?

  2. Dang another release so quick! You guys are simply amazing. Cannot thank you enough for this undertaking!

  3. jamie: ANWO translator here. It's kinda like the Matrix. He doesn't make a physical copy of you, but pulls your mind into an alternate reality to try and manipulate you, and if you get hurt there your real body is hurt as well. The difference is that if he made a physical copy of you, I suppose he could theoretically have that copy go and eliminate the actual you. But yeah, the manga seems to imply that he doesn't need contact with the targets of the technique. I'm a bit confused as to the mechanics of which world(s) he was pulling minds to/from, but maybe that will become more clear in later chapters. Kind of a broken ability (probably why he got killed off), but it made for a damn cool opening.

  4. Oh right. I thought that the black oxes etc. were actually there to begin with but went poof when he got stabbed.

    Still, I prefered Cervantes abilities beng about teleporting and making the ground melt and summoning giant eagles and generally being DAZZLING. Stage Play isn't as charming as his other moves.